Frustration, and a bet, led to The Dry Drinker. Stuart Elkington was seriously fed up with the lack of choice in low- and non-alcohol beers in the UK. And his girlfriend bet he wouldn’t give up his comfy full-time job to do something about it.

Stuart decided to quit alcohol when he turned 40. Overweight and unfit, he wanted to become leaner and more active — and realised the hard stuff wasn’t helping.

While travelling, he finally found what he was looking for: a non-alcohol draft lager. It was just part of the offer served cold from a beachside bar. No fuss. And no sweeteners, or artificial flavourings, just lovely taste.

It did exist. It was out there. The challenge was to find these beers, and share them with thirsty UK drinkers who wanted tasty, grown-up drinks with no alcohol, whatever their reason.

The bet was made. And Stuart took it, left his proper job and set up The Dry Drinker. He’s now sourcing, tasting and selling beer from around the world, with an industry award to boot. Stuart’s mission is to make you as passionate about great tasting non-alcoholic beer as he is.