DryDrinker is the UK's largest award winning low and no alcohol beer specialist with the lowest prices, We offer only the best tasting beers from around the world - only beers tasted and recommended by our sober experts make it into our shop!

All our amazing beers are delivered within 3 working days to UK mainland addresses for one standard price of £6.99, Regardless of how many boxes you order.

Our Famous Taster Packs

Soberistas.com founder, Lucy Rocca: "I was so happy to discover DryDrinker for their massive range of delicious alcohol free beers!"

Peter Chadlington: "I love these beers - excellent products!"

Lynn: "One of the big brew's is just what I need after a long day looking after the kids"

David: "I have genuinely been surprised by the quality and taste and it will definitely change my approach to consuming alcohol" 

Angela: “I loved the Little Brew – they’re really tasty without the calories or alcohol of wine – keeping a few chilled in the fridge for when friends pop in!”

Helen: "I love them all! What a revelation - finally decent tasting brews that don't taste like boiled lager!"

Stephanie: "Amazing customer service. Order placed and delivery booked within minutes. Highly Recommended"