DryAthlon & Dry January - Alcohol Free Month Begins On January 1st

Giving Up Alcohol For One Month

After all the Christmas excesses, Dry January and Dryathlon offer a great incentive to give up alcohol, improve your health and fund raise for charity. January is a great time to begin a Detox and reduce your alcohol intake but it's not always easy.

The benefits of not drinking are easy to understand, alcohol is full of calories and linked to liver diseases. Not to mention the weekend destroying hangovers and embarrassing moments caught on film!

There used to be two reasons you wouldn't want to give up alcohol; firstly the lack of a viable substitute during parties and social gatherings and the taste of low and no alcohol beverages wasn't up to scratch!

Now things have changed.

Premium Non Alcoholic Beers

Coming into 2016, the low and no alcohol beer range we have put together provides a genuine alternative, with major brands including Erdinger, Super Bock and Estrella having created great tasting low and non-alcoholic beers.

We have personally reviewed each brand we deliver and believe them to be some of the best non-alcoholic beers on the market.

All of the beers on www.drydrinker.com have little or no alcohol content and taste great as well as looking the part as well!

Support Charity & Drink Tasty No Alcohol Beers

You can even help support a great charity by getting hold of one of our "Balls to Cancer" Non-alcoholic Zero Hero taster packs, where £1 from every sale goes to support #manuary.

So no excuses, see our full range of premium low and contact us if you require any further information!