Get ready for the New Year – A New You!

It's that time of year when everyone has an excuse to get the booze in and pile on the pounds from all that food! Christmas is no doubt a wonderful time of year, spending time with the family, giving to one another and without a doubt… the turkey!

But what about after Christmas? What do you do when the New Year is only days away and you don’t know what your resolution can be?

Most people start a new diet, which let’s be honest, probably won't last past the first two weeks. But why not try something different?

Dry January starts in just over two weeks! According to over 2 million cut down their drinking for the month. And 2016 is set to be even bigger than this year!

Dry January will provide the opportunity for you to reap the benefits of cutting out alcohol like dropping the pounds, sounder sleep and more money to spend. So really you have nothing to lose, apart from hangovers!

Tests on men and women that took part in Dry January revealed that their liver was functioning properly, their blood pressure and cholesterol levels has lowered and they were at an all round lower risk of getting diabetes or liver disease.

Many DryDrinkers report to have lost weight, slept better, had much more energy and had much nicer skin as a result of going dry for 31 days! So imagine what would happen if you kept that going? The modelling agencies would probably have a bit of a problem!

The New Year is approaching! It's time for a new start! It's time for a new you - all our beers are under 125 calories so order today and join the #soberrevolution