Zero Hero is here!

Stuart & Jon have been working hard to find a new 0% alcohol beer to team up with our two great tasting 0% existing beers.  This completes the trio for our new taster box The Zero Hero. We have specifically chosen these three to complement each other and give you three different great tasting beers. This new one is a cracker, Aigua de Moritz is a premium non-alcoholic beer made with mineral water, a new healthy drink that stands out for its aroma. It is the only non-alcoholic beer made entirely with natural mineral water from the Font d'Or springs of Montseny and is perfumed through the cold extraction of the aroma of the Saaz hops flower. This is a must try and potentially a life saver for Dry January? #soberrevolution

For every Zero Hero box sold, we will be donating £1 to the Balls to Cancer charity in aid of #manuary