We are off and running @drydrinker!

DryDrinker is a week old - and it's been a great one!

It doesn't come as a surprise that the first week of operation would be a bit hectic! However, it's been a great first week for DryDrinker! We've not only gained some amazing customers, but we've made some really cool friends on social media. Those same friends have been helping us to spread the word about the #drydrinkerrevolution. We'd like to give a shout out and special thank you to our first customers from Stuart, Jon and Luke. Here's what some of them said about us: 

Jimmy from London said: "So pleased to find an adult alternative to not drinking"

Lynn: "One of the big brew's is just what I need after a long day looking after the kids"

David: "I have genuinely been surprised by the quality and taste and it will definitely change my approach to consuming alcohol" 

Keep showing the love! Don't forget that you can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, just search DryDrinker! Make sure to follow, like, comment and share!