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Stuck for what to order as a great tasting alternative for birthdays, BBQ's or that cheeky mid-week drink - check out and explore our great range of beers that we have on offer today!

We've added some great new beers to the site (and have more in the pipeline soon!) why not give our new Mixed Case a try - let us pick you a great selection of brews to continue your Sober Revolution!

For a limited period, use the code REC-VIP for 10% off your order - what's not to love about that!

Awards, Tasty beer & Free Beer

Awards, Tasty New Beers & Free Beer

We were awarded the "Best Indepentant Retailer" 2016 from the Zero Awards a couple of weeks ago and as you can imagine, we were thrilled.  So this is a great time time to start your sober revolution, why not order a second box for the same amazing delivery price.

March is all about free beer, follow us on twitter look out for the question about Budva tweet or FB your answer with chance to win like our first winner Christina

Say hello to our new beer Furstenberg, a pale yellow lager from the Black Forest, Germany. This cracking beer has a hoppy and slightly fruity nose with an aroma of peppery hops with touches of barley sugar. This leads to a crisp, clean finish with only 55 calories amazing.

We have been looking for a really good cider for ages and after tasting some pretty poor efforts we think we have found an outstanding one - Stowford Press 0.5% made in Hereford.The light-gold colour reflects it's truly fruity and refreshing apple flavours and it looks as good as it tastes.


Why not stock up this Easter with one of our Big/Little Brew taster boxes 4 to choose from with a beer to suit any taste.

Thanks Stuart & Jon

Kick Start 2016!

Well, it's been a great start to the new year here at DryDrinker! Lots of great things going on that we hope to share with all our great customers soon!

We hope that you are having a great new year and enjoying being back at work - No!? Take your mind off it and order a box or two of our great tasting low/ no alcohol beers and remember.... you'll only pay £6.99 delivery no matter how many boxes you purchase, so why not treat yourself now!

Before you do, you might like to check out the article below from Man V Fat reviewing our beer selection - and as always, let us know if you have any questions or we can be of any assistance!

DryAthlon & Dry January - Alcohol Free Month Begins On January 1st

Giving Up Alcohol For One Month

After all the Christmas excesses, Dry January and Dryathlon offer a great incentive to give up alcohol, improve your health and fund raise for charity. January is a great time to begin a Detox and reduce your alcohol intake but it's not always easy.

The benefits of not drinking are easy to understand, alcohol is full of calories and linked to liver diseases. Not to mention the weekend destroying hangovers and embarrassing moments caught on film!

There used to be two reasons you wouldn't want to give up alcohol; firstly the lack of a viable substitute during parties and social gatherings and the taste of low and no alcohol beverages wasn't up to scratch!

Now things have changed.

Premium Non Alcoholic Beers

Coming into 2016, the low and no alcohol beer range we have put together provides a genuine alternative, with major brands including Erdinger, Super Bock and Estrella having created great tasting low and non-alcoholic beers.

We have personally reviewed each brand we deliver and believe them to be some of the best non-alcoholic beers on the market.

All of the beers on have little or no alcohol content and taste great as well as looking the part as well!

Support Charity & Drink Tasty No Alcohol Beers

You can even help support a great charity by getting hold of one of our "Balls to Cancer" Non-alcoholic Zero Hero taster packs, where £1 from every sale goes to support #manuary.

So no excuses, see our full range of premium low and contact us if you require any further information!

Get ready for the New Year – A New You!

It's that time of year when everyone has an excuse to get the booze in and pile on the pounds from all that food! Christmas is no doubt a wonderful time of year, spending time with the family, giving to one another and without a doubt… the turkey!

But what about after Christmas? What do you do when the New Year is only days away and you don’t know what your resolution can be?

Most people start a new diet, which let’s be honest, probably won't last past the first two weeks. But why not try something different?

Dry January starts in just over two weeks! According to over 2 million cut down their drinking for the month. And 2016 is set to be even bigger than this year!

Dry January will provide the opportunity for you to reap the benefits of cutting out alcohol like dropping the pounds, sounder sleep and more money to spend. So really you have nothing to lose, apart from hangovers!

Tests on men and women that took part in Dry January revealed that their liver was functioning properly, their blood pressure and cholesterol levels has lowered and they were at an all round lower risk of getting diabetes or liver disease.

Many DryDrinkers report to have lost weight, slept better, had much more energy and had much nicer skin as a result of going dry for 31 days! So imagine what would happen if you kept that going? The modelling agencies would probably have a bit of a problem!

The New Year is approaching! It's time for a new start! It's time for a new you - all our beers are under 125 calories so order today and join the #soberrevolution

Zero Hero is here!

Stuart & Jon have been working hard to find a new 0% alcohol beer to team up with our two great tasting 0% existing beers.  This completes the trio for our new taster box The Zero Hero. We have specifically chosen these three to complement each other and give you three different great tasting beers. This new one is a cracker, Aigua de Moritz is a premium non-alcoholic beer made with mineral water, a new healthy drink that stands out for its aroma. It is the only non-alcoholic beer made entirely with natural mineral water from the Font d'Or springs of Montseny and is perfumed through the cold extraction of the aroma of the Saaz hops flower. This is a must try and potentially a life saver for Dry January? #soberrevolution

For every Zero Hero box sold, we will be donating £1 to the Balls to Cancer charity in aid of #manuary 

We are off and running @drydrinker!

DryDrinker is a week old - and it's been a great one!

It doesn't come as a surprise that the first week of operation would be a bit hectic! However, it's been a great first week for DryDrinker! We've not only gained some amazing customers, but we've made some really cool friends on social media. Those same friends have been helping us to spread the word about the #drydrinkerrevolution. We'd like to give a shout out and special thank you to our first customers from Stuart, Jon and Luke. Here's what some of them said about us: 

Jimmy from London said: "So pleased to find an adult alternative to not drinking"

Lynn: "One of the big brew's is just what I need after a long day looking after the kids"

David: "I have genuinely been surprised by the quality and taste and it will definitely change my approach to consuming alcohol" 

Keep showing the love! Don't forget that you can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, just search DryDrinker! Make sure to follow, like, comment and share! 

Welcome to DryDrinker

We're so pleased you found us and are very excited you are here thinking about trying one of our amazing beers. Whether you are in the middle of an admirable training schedule, trying to lose weight, or simply want to join in the party without the side effects, DryDrinker are here to offer only the best tasting alternatives to alcoholic drinks.

DryDrinker was born from lack of choice here in the UK for great tasting beers, and as we mention on our Home page, we are always up for new suggestions, as our mission is always to find the best tasting non alcoholic beers in Europe and eventually Worldwide.

But for the time being give us a go, order a selection pack and see what you think - we'd be fascinated to hear about your dry experience.

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